Our Team

Albania, Lani RNManager of Clinical Analysts30926
Andino, MarleneSr. Training Specialist38770
Benejan, RichardAssistant Director35904
Ceballos, YefriSr. Systems Analyst38469
Chau-Lok, Vicky Project Manager 32854
Elbaar, InaDirector. Clinical Information Systems30553
Faussette, RichardProgrammer31803
Fernando, Anna RN Nursing Analyst37524
Frankowski, EveAdministrative Assistant35605
Howard, Suzanne Senior Director, Clinical Systems 38022 
Jhala, PradyumanDatabase Analyst32686 
Jordan, Maria RNTraining Specialist38770
Kagaoan, Evelyn RNNursing Analyst31491
Loving, Glenn Systems Analyst 37184
Lin, Mike RPHSr. Pharmacy Analyst38769
Lee, Bobby Pharmacy Manager 37523
Massimino, PaulSr. Systems Analyst 33596
Kemelman, RachelAssociate Director, Epic and Clinical Systems User Training and Communications 38768
Natividad, Nate RNSr. Nursing Analyst31492
Reiner, DebraSupport Desk Analyst30123
Roberts, Nancy RNSr. Ancillary Analyst38767
Saville, Elaine RNSupport Desk Analyst30123
Shelmet, JosephManager, Customer Service and Support 32681
Tirico, John Sr. QA Security Analyst 33009
Volpi, Michael Lead Systems Analyst 35408
Walsh, JimSenior Clinical System Analyst38333
Wang, Lily Lead Database Analyst 38761
Wittekind, ThomasData Base Manager38053
Yao, Yihe RPHPharmacy Analyst30511
Ziccarelli, JeffrySr. Ancillary Analyst31494