ICIS Tip of the Day!

ICIS Tip of the Day!

Intended for nurses.

When needed, you can re-print a specimen transmittal for any collected lab order.

First, check the 'collected' date and time of the order for which a transmittal needs to be re-printed. You can see this information in the Date column of the Orders Tab for each collected lab order.

Collected date and time 

Once you know the date and time, go to the File menu in the menu bar and select Re-Print Orders...

Re-print orders

In the Reprint Orders window, select the type of Specimen Transmittal you want to reprint. *Specimen Transmittal is the default selection (used for most routine blood and body fluid orders). *Specimen Transmittal Micro is for all culture specimens (such as blood culture, wound culture, etc.)

To narrow your search, use the Date and Time fields to select the date and time of the collected specimen (as you checked in the Orders Tab) and click Search.

Reprint orders window 

From the search results, select the correct patient for which the transmittal is to be reprinted, and click Print. The printout will re-print to the printed associated with the workstation you are using.

Reprint transmittal

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