ICIS Changes!

ICIS Changes!

Intended for physicians.

As of Tuesday, November 18th, Enoxaparin will only be orderable through the Prophylaxis and Therapeutic Order Sets.

enoxaparin order sets

In the Enoxaparin Therapeutic Order Set, you may add General Monitoring Parameters.

General Monitoring Parameters 

Select the appropriate dose based on the patient’s Creatinine Clearance level.

Enoxaparin Therapy 

Please note:

If the patient’s CrCl is not appropriate for the order selected, an alert warning will pop-up directing you to the correct order.

If the patient's CrCl is < 10 ml/min, an alert warning will prompt you that heparin should be used instead.

Enosaparin alert message 

In the Enoxaparin Inj. order form, the dose will automatically be calculated based on the patient’s weight. You may adjust the weight (and thus adjust the rounded dose) by clicking “Override Wt.” check-box. The calculated dose will be rounded to the nearest syringe size for ease of administration.

Enoxaparin rounded dose 

If the patient weight or SrCr is missing, 24hrs worth of doses will be allowed until the patient’s CrCl can be calculated.

These changes will also be reflected in other order sets that contain Enoxaparin.

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