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What is the difference between the Check Orders column and the New Orders column?

 Check orders and new orders columns

The Check Orders column is used by nurses to acknowledge new, modified or canceled orders for this patient. This acts as the legal signature that the nurse has reviewed and acknowledged these orders.

A green flag indicates that there are new, modified or canceled orders, whereas a red flag indicates that at least one of these orders is STAT.

To acknowledge these orders, double-click on the flag, individually review the orders by putting a check-mark in the corresponding check box (or click Select All after reviewing all orders) and click Acknowledge.

The orders in the check orders column are specific to the patient (not clinician), so they only need to be acknowledged by one care provider. Therefore, once they are cleared (acknowledged) by one clinician, the flag will not display for any care provider until a new, modified or canceled order is entered.

Acknowledge check orders

The New Orders column is used by all clinicians and it indicates that new orders have been received since you last reviewed the orders for this patient.

To review these new orders, double-click on the flag, review the orders, and click Clear Flag. Reviewing new orders in this column does not replace the need to acknowledge new orders using the Check Orders column.

The orders in the new orders column are specific to the clinician, so they need to be cleared by every care provider. Therefore, even when you clear the flag, it will continue to display for other care providers until they review these orders and clear the flag from their patient list. 

Clear new orders

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