ICIS Changes!

ICIS Changes!

During the week of November 10th, 2008, the Blood Bank system will transition from Hemocare to HCLL. The following ICIS changes should be expected:

New Order Entry items:

  • Type and Screen, Neonatal will be a new test for patients four months of age or under.
    Type and Screen, Neonatal
  • Fibrin Sealant will be orderable by volume, 4.0ml and 10.0ml.
    Fibrin Sealant 4ml and Fibrin Sealant 10ml
  • Factor Concentrate will be orderable by product name.
    Factor Concentrate

Change to Type and Screen result: 

  • Type and Screen results will be changed in format
  • First time patients will require an additional Type and Screen sample for all non-emergent transfusions. Blood Bank Type and Screen results will indicate if another sample is required (as shown below). You may also call the Blood Bank at x35441 to ask if the patient will need more than one order and sample for transfusion.
    Type and Screen Result

Change to Blood Product orders: 

  • Blood Orders must be entered into ICIS for all routine and urgent non-emergent transfusion orders. 
  • When Blood product orders are processed in HCLL, the ICIS order will show a Unit ID# and the Status of the unit. 
  • The Unit ID# on the order may be used to match the Unit ID # on the blood bag label.
    Blood Product order

New Document:

  • New Blood Transfusion Reaction Note must be used by nursing to document a transfusion reaction.
    Blood Transfusion Reaction Note

Questions regarding these changes may be directed to the Blood Bank at x35441 or the ICIS Support Desk at (212) 263-0123 during business hours.