ICIS Changes!

ICIS Changes!

Intended for physicians.

Effective December 23rd, Warfarin can only be ordered through the Warfarin Initial Titration Protocol.

Warfarin Initial Titration Protocol 

If you need to titrate Warfarin to obtain a therapeutic INR, use the Warfarin Initial Titration Protocol. Upon choosing the order, specify any Conditions that apply for the patient. If any condition is selected, the initial dose will be changed from 5mg to 2.5mg (as shown below). 

Benefits of the protocol include the ability to:

  • view the most recent INR result (from the past 48 hrs) as well as the last 7 results available.
  • view the Previous Dose Given, the Number of Days that the patient has been on Warfarin, and the Stage (either initial or maintenance).
  • view the Last 7 Warfarin orders and their corresponding administration information.
  • override the initial dose (of 5.0mg or 2.5mg) by clicking the “Override Dose” check-box.  

Warfarin maintenance stage 

When a patient is being titrated on Warfarin, the protocol goes into a Maintenance Stage (as shown below).

In the maintenance stage, the Recommended Dose and % Dose Change is automatically calculated based on the INR results as per standardized protocol. To order the appropriate dose, type the desired dose into the Dose field.

Warfarin maintenance stage 

If a patient has a known stable dose and does not need titration, use the Warfarin Maintenance order to order the Warfarin on a daily basis.

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