ICIS Changes!

ICIS Changes!

Intended for Physicians and Nurses.

Effective Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009, the following medications will have revised expiration dates:

  • PRN Narcotics will automatically discontinue in 3 days
  • All other Narcotic orders will automatically discontinue in 7 days 
  • All other medication orders will automatically discontinue in 30 days

For Physicians:

To ensure that there is no interruption in medication administration beyond the expiration date, follow the steps below.

1. Upon logging into ICIS, you will get an Alert if one (or more) of your patients have medication(s) that are due to expire in 1 day. To continue in ICIS, Acknowledge this Alert.

  Hard Stop Alert

2. To see the list of patients whose meds will expire tomorrow, go to the patient list named “My Pts w Meds Expiring in 1 Day”.

  Meds Expiring List

3. From this list, select all patients (by clicking “Select All”) and go to the Orders Tab.

4. In the Orders Tab, change the Status/Priority filter to “Meds Expiring in 1 Day” to view only those meds that need to be addressed.

  Meds Expiring Filter

5. Select the medication order that you wish to continue beyond the expiration date, right-click on the med, select “Discontinue/Reorder”, and select the Current or a new dose. DO NOT use the “Reorder” command.


6. At the DC/Cancel window, click OK to discontinue the expiring medication.


7. Complete the order form for the new medication and Submit the order. The selected medication will continue until the new expiration date is reached.

8. Each medication that is discontinued and reordered will drop-off your “My Pts w Meds Expiring in 1 Day” list. If there are unaddressed orders in this list, you will continue to get alerts upon logging into ICIS.

For Nurses:

1. A daily 3:30am “Expiring Medication List” report will print on the unit for each patient indicating any medications that will automatically discontinue the next day.

2. To ensure that there is no interruption in medication administration beyond the expiration date, inform the physician to discontinue and reorder these medications.

3. You may check if the medications have been discontinued and reordered by viewing the Worklist Manager to ensure that the stop date on the medication has been extended.

4. Any medications not addressed by midnight, will automatically discontinue. All medications that automatically expired the previous day will display on a daily 12:05am “Expired Medications” report that will print on the unit, one for each patient.

5. Nurses should review their patients’ list to determine if any medications have discontinued that should have been renewed. If it is identified that a medication has “expired” inadvertently, the nurse should notify the physician.

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