Completed Projects

New Tool

ICIS Analytics: This project introduced a sophisticated data analysis tool that allows our user community to obtain, evaluate and manipulate key clinical data. By having this data available in a user friendly format for reporting and analysis we can greatly improve our ability to drive compliance and positive patient outcomes through the effective use of our technology.

System Upgrade

ICIS 5.0 Upgrade: This major ICIS software upgrade will incorporate highly anticipated enhancements to clinical documentation and will include orders reconciliation. This implementation will also improve various system functions and provides advanced features. It is planned to be completed in three phases: Phase 1 will be the technical platform upgrade, Phase 2 will bring forward the new application features and Phase 3 will be the implementation of the electronic Medication Reconciliation Workflow.  

Clinical Documentation

Standardize Document Names: This project standardized the naming convention for all documents in ICIS. It facilitates the identification of the document's purpose and author.

Revision of Discharge Summary and Discharge Plan Documents: After a careful re-evaluation of the discharge process, the Discharge Summary and Plan Documents have been revised to meet workflow needs of all clinicians.

Neonatology Phase 2 MD Documentation: This project streamlines Physician Documentation for Neonatology.


Heparin Protocol: A weight based heparin protocol was developed and implemented in ICIS. The new protocol includes a new order set and a new flowsheet that calculates the doses for physicians and nurses.


ECG Image View Link: This project created a link that allows the user to view the ECG strip on ICIS.


Rusk PPS FIM Flowsheet Report: The Rusk PPS FIM Flowsheet reports provide the PPS department with two reports (Adult Admission and Adult Discharge) that allows them to easily review the FIM data in ICIS.


EPASS to ICIS-HIS ADT Interface Conversion: This project will create an interface directly to ICIS form EPass.


ICIS Computer Based Training Revision: The "ICIS Order and Documentation" Online Training course has been revised to include recent changes and enhancements to the ICIS application. The new "ICIS Training" course includes additional training on difficult functionality of the system.

Clinical Equipment Refresh and Rollout

QS Fetal Monitoring: Labor and Delivery 8th floor East and West has received three 50” QS Fetal motoring display boards. These display boards will provide outstanding visual aid in the monitoring of all fetal strips raising patient safety to the highest level possible as well as assisting in a higher level of training for intern staff.

Emergency Department Computer Refresh: To improve stability and reduce computer downtime, all ED computers were replaced with Wyse thin client devices. These devices have a number of benefits, including a small foot print at 1/10th size of the present computers in the ED providing move leg room under the already cramped counters, no moving parts reducing the collection of dust around the devices, and water proof keyboards for ease of cleaning.

Rusk and HCC Conference Room Display Boards: Rusk and HCC PT/OT conference rooms each received large screen displays connected to ICIS to streamline patient assessment staff meetings.