Current Projects

New Tools

Order Reconciliation: This project will introduce a new module within ICIS that is used to automate and facilitate the medication order reconciliation process at key points in the patient stay (admission, transfer and discharge). The tool utilizes the medications entered as home meds and compares them to the medications ordered for the patient on the current visit. 

Clinical Documentation

New History and Physical documents in ICIS: Departments are converting the paper form of the patient's History and Physical to electronic format in ICIS. The Department of Medicine and Pediatrics is already using the electronic H&P in ICIS. The Department of Surgery will be next.

Nursing Protocols: This project is for nurses to document plans of care for pressure ulcers and falls.

Clinical Summary Tab 

Clinical Summary Tab Revisions/Improvement: The Clinical Summary Tab will be revised to include new customized views for different users and workflow processes.

Clinical Equipment Refresh and Rollout

Rusk PT/OT Equipment Refresh and Deployment: Special needs and requirements of Rusk PT and OT department have been accessed resulting in a proprietary computer build which will be used not only in Rusk, but also in the PT/OT department at HJD. The Rusk PT/OT department will be receiving a number of new computers and system upgrades.

Medication Cart PCD Pilot: A pilot is underway to test the use of mobile medication carts and how they will impact workflow. The pilot will be conducted on the 16th floor of Tisch, and if successful the entire house will be assessed for further deployments.

HJD Equipment Refresh and Rollout: The HJD clinical computer environment has recently been assessed resulting in the identification of approximately 65 computer installations and refreshes, including desktops, COWs, and wall mounted PCD's.