Future Projects

Clinical Documentation

Signing Dictaphone documents in ICIS and report to CRIS: This project will allow users to sign dictated documents in ICIS instead of Dictaphone. It will also automatically update CRIS (Medical Records Deficiency System) of documents that have been signed.  

HJD Rehab Documentation: This project will convert Acute Rehab Documentation at HJD from paper to electronic using ICIS.

MD/NP Procedure Notes: This project will standardize physician documentation for commonly performed procedures.


Pharmacy Label Redesign: Pharmacy labels will be re-designed to avoid clutter and confusion. The labels should provide only the information that is needed for clinicians to do their jobs.


Pain Scale Reporting: This project will allow for greater reporting on the pain scale data for patients in ICIS.


Device Interfaces: This project will allow patient vital signs data to pass from monitoring devices at the bedside to ICIS.


LearnCenter X Upgrade: The upgrade of the eLearning Management System, learn.nyumc.org, will provide additional functionality when viewing computer-based training.

New Tool

ExitCare: ExitCare will allow Clinicians to print diagnosis specific Discharge Instructions. ExitCare is currently designed for implementation in the Emergency Department, though in the future it may be available for other areas.

New Feature

ICIS Inbox: The INBOX is a workflow tool being developed to provide a streamlined process for our users to see at a glance the ICIS data they need to respond to.