Order Sets - Neurology

Department Chair: Edwin Kolodny, MD

Service Chief: David Levine, MD
Order Set Representatives: Alyson Maloy, MD, Winfred Wu, MD, Daniel Labovitz, MD, and Michelle Enriquez, NP 

Department/ Division
Total Order Sets
Names of Existing Order Sets

Neurology: Admission Orders General (including secondary order sets of Neurology Admission IV Fluids, Neurology Admission Meds, and Neurology Admission Labs)

 Neurology: Common Medications
 Neurology: Labs By Diagnosis
 Neurology: Stroke Admit Orders
 Neurology: Pre-Thrombolytic Therapy Orders
Neurology: Post L. Puncture Labs
Neurology: Post Thrombolytic Therapy Ords
Neurology: Thrombolytic Therapy Orders


Updated 1/30/09