Clinical Analytics

What is it?

Clinical Analytics is an information system that provides up-to-date clinical information from ICIS in reports that drive change. The system puts information in the hands of clinicians to improve both patient outcomes and compliance with guidelines.

Reports suggested by clinicians are built by analysts and approved by a committee after careful review for accuracy. The reports are delivered through the ‘Management Reports’ feature of OnsiteHealth and through Dashboard which is available via The Link.

Features of Clinical Analytics

Clinical Analytics reports are dynamic; viewers can change time frames, alter the parameters being compared, drill down to more granular information (as from year to month to date), and sort and filter data.

Existing reports examine:

  • Use of Braden Score by nursing unit for each patient on specified days 
  • Antibiotic usage by floor or disease 
  • Performance of bedside procedures by physician and procedure type

Each report contains a Readme document that provides a detailed explanation of the data and instructions on use.

Click here for instructions on finding and accessing Analytics reports.

Click here for instructions on viewing and navigating an Analytics report

If you have an idea for an Analytics report, click here to submit a request.