Clinical Advisory Comittee

The Clinical Advisory Committee is the central coordinatingcommittee for all clinical decision support rules implemented into ICIS.This committee also recommends the creation of new or revision to existingpolicies, procedures and/or guidelines for implementation across themedical center as they relate to ICIS.


  • Richard Benejan
  • Susan Bowar-Ferres, RN
  • Vicky Chau-Lok
  • Jeanne Dzurenko, RN
  • Bernard Feigenbaum, MD
  • Timothy Hilbert, MD
  • Katherine Hochman, MD
  • Adam Karp, MD
  • Martha Kent, RN
  • Bobby Lee
  • Mark Lifshitz, MD
  • Mark Lipton, MD
  • Evan Nadler, MD
  • Lewis Nelson, MD
  • Catherine Parkin
  • Robert Press, MD
  • Martha Radford, MD
  • Ira Rashbaum, MD
  • Patricia Roesch, RN
  • Ashley Roman, MD
  • Daniel Shine, MD
  • Frank Silverman, MD
  • Mark Sloane, MD
  • Ann Vanderberg, RN
  • Roger Wetherbee, MD
  • Brent Wise, MD

Clinical Advisory Comittee Meeting Minutes *

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