Orders Reconciliation in ICIS

Electronic Orders Reconciliation is scheduled to go-live in ICIS in July 13th, 2009*.

Every patient is required to have an accurate and complete medication reconciliation across the continuum of care upon admission, transfer and discharge. If a patient is missing a completed admission reconciliation, you will NOT be able to enter any medication orders. If a patient is missing a discharge reconciliation, you will NOT be able to discharge the patient. 

To ensure that you are ready for the upcoming electronic Orders Reconciliation in ICIS, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of at least one of the following services offered by the ICIS Training Team:

  • Online training for Nurses: Learn how to document the list of the patient's home medication in ICIS. Click here to view the Orders Reconciliation Training tutorial (estimated time: 20 minutes). 
  • Online training for Physicians: Learn how to complete the admission, transfer and discharge reconciliations. Click here to view the Orders Reconciliation Training tutorial (estimated time: 30 minutes). 
  • Drop-in Classroom Sessions for Nurses and Physicians: Attend a drop-in classroom session for instructor-led teaching and hands-on practice (estimated time: 60 minutes).  The class schedule is to be released at the end of June (look for event titled "ICIS Medication Reconciliation Drop-in Session" available in both NYU and HJD training rooms). 
  • Referrence Guide for Nurses and Physicians: Click here to view and print the Orders Reconciliation User Guide (in pdf format).
  • Departmental Presentations: An ICIS trainer will be available to attend departmental or staff meetings to demonstrate and review the new electronic Medication Reconciliation in ICIS. These demonstrations will be scheduled for 25-30 minutes during existing meetings. Program directors, managers, supervisors, service chiefs, and department chairs will need to request that an ICIS trainer attend a meeting by emailing the details to ICISTraining@nyumc.org. Please schedule right away in order to ensure availability.

Questions on using ICIS to complete the required Medication Reconciliation can be directed to the ICIS Support Desk at (212) 263-0123. For additional ICIS training, please contact the ICIS Training Team at (212) 263-8770. 

* Date is subject to change based on software testing results.