Ancillary Staff

Medical Center Policy requires that all Ancillary Staff are trained on the Integrated Clinical Information System (ICIS) prior to their start date. Training consists of an online course. Please follow the training instructions below: 

1. The Request for New User ICIS/HIS Access Form must be completed by the supervisor with the new hire information and submitted to the ICIS Department. Upon submission of this form, the ICIS Department will process the information and provide access to the electronic order entry system.

  • For employees that have a Kerberos ID number, please allow three business days for an ICIS account to be created. For employees that do not have a Kerberos ID number, one must be created. Timeframe for creating a Kerberos ID number can vary depending on the information needed. Once an ICIS account is created, training must be completed before the account is activated.

2. Once a Kerberos ID is created, you will be enrolled in the ICIS online course. You must complete the ‘ICIS Training’ online course that is accessible at Medical eLearning Center.

  • Your username is your Kerberos ID (to find your Kerberos ID, go to the NYU Directory at
  • Password is the month and day of your birth (MMDD).
  • Click here for computer requirements. If you prefer to visit a hospital computer for training click here for locations.
  • If you experience technical difficulties accessing the Medical eLearning Center, please call (212) 263-0123.

All questions related to training can be directed towards the ICIS Training Department, which can be reached by email at or at (212) 263-8770. Please re-visit this site for up-to-date information.